Low Voltage Wiring

We use low voltage for hardware products related to telecommunications, security, and building automation. These products all need low voltage to function properly. Otherwise, there would be a risk of products failing, or even physical danger during installation.

low voltage wiring tools for pro wire systems

Low voltage wiring codes are strict.  These codes ensure the safety of our installers and clients.  

The structured cabling use in low voltage wiring can be found in every type of property.  Structured cabling serves tenants in multifamily apartments complexes and office buildings across industries.  Low voltage setups are becoming more popular, especially now that efficiency and sustainability are bigger priorities.

Examples of low voltage cabling:

  • Fiber optic cables that help computers connect to the internet
  • Cat5 and Cat6 cables that handle ethernet connections
  • RG-6 cables that handle internet connections in addition to cable and satellite TV

Products that use low voltage cabling:

  • Telephones
  • Internet and Ethernet connections
  • WiFi connections
  • Television
  • Garage door openers
  • Lighting controls
  • Thermostats
  • Audiovisual equipment, like speakers
  • Intercoms
  • Security cameras
  • Motion sensors
  • Lights
  • Alarms
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